After the 78th Viewing, I Finally Figured Out Why Every Time I Turn to the B.E.T. Channel, Baby Boy is Playing

“Why you ALWAYS on the DAMN TV, Jody?

Okay!  After much fanfare [read: zero], I’ve finally gotten around to this post.  So without further hesitation:

Here is why John Singleton’s Baby Boy is ALWAYS PLAYING ON B.E.T.


As with most replays, reruns, syndications, or whatever, they all run their course.  Networks play the shyt outta something until the viewer has seen it 30 times over and finally changes the channel to get hooked on another rerun of something else.  Baby Boy has NOT followed in the same footsteps.

Why is that significant you ask?

Because when you can predict viewers, you can accurately sell ad space.  The only reason they replay it so much must be because they can continuously and consistently sell ad space when they air it.  Why else would they keep playing it?  Why else would they keep playing ANYTHING?

Well…DUH?  Right?

Yeah, I know.  Real brilliant epiphany – not so much.  The question is HOW does Baby Boy do this when all before it have fallen into oblivion?

AHA!  That’s the moment!  Here’s HOW AND WHY [shouts: AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!]:


John Singleton really stuck his foot in that script.  I mean he wrote a REAL story.  I never realized how significant Jody’s character was until I myself became an adult.  But we’ll come back to that in a minute.  Back to the script – here’s the genius of the script and why B.E.T. has this on THE HEAVIEST OF ROTATIONS.  Because every…single…solitary…scene…is significant to the story.  Every one.  No filler.  Every scene is directly related to another scene to help you better understand the decisions, challenges, motivations, fears, and otherwise of a normal adult raised in a specific environment.

I mean from the moment you see a grown black ass naked adult man curled in the fetal position inside a…what…what was that?  Is that a WOMB?  Why yes, that is a womb.  From the moment you see a grown black ass naked adult man floating inside a pink womb, you’re like…….”WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?”  Boom, you sit your ass down to see what the fuck is going on w/ this naked womb grown man-child baby.  From that point, if you watch more than 6 straight minutes of that movie, YOUR ASS IS HOOKED, SON!  Hooked!  The story has you – Boom!  It’s a wrap.


I don’t care HOW OLD THIS POST GETS – If you can describe more than 6…no let’s make it easier…3…if you can describe more than 3 consecutive minutes of story that is insignificant to the crucial theme of either 1) the movie as a whole or 2) crucial to the understanding the mindset of the one of the characters, then well you………..ummmm, get……………well you don’t get shyt, cause I don’t have anything to give you.  I just don’t think it can be done.  John Singleton masterfully wrote down the concepts of cause/effect and action/reaction relationships.

Let me randomly throw a couple scenes out there:

    • Mama planting in the garden – crucial.
    • Weed in the garden – crucial.
    • Taraji’s coworker given her the evil eye from across the workplace – CRUCIAL!
    • Every escalating argument they had outside Taraji’s apartment – crucial.
    • Any scene w/ Ving Rhames – crucial.
    • Jody asks for permission to sell dresses inside local beauty shop – crucial.
And we could go on and on.  Every scene begs you to see the next.  BOOM!  YOU’RE HOOKED!  Script – Genius – Certified.

NOW…the elephant in the room – TYRESE GIBSON.

Just cuz the movie was well written, doesn’t mean it was perfectly executed by the actors.  Taraji was great (as usual).  Ving Rhames was damn near perfect.  Even Omar Gooding’s character in retrospect wouldn’t be the same if wasn’t so terribly portrayed.  It was tough to watch Omar play that dude back when the film first came out, but now he’s comically imperfect, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He’s classically overdramatized – yes, I just made that shyt up.

Clearly, I don’t study movies formally.  I just know what I like when I like it and then I usually try to find out why.  In this case, it was, “Why the hell is this movie on all the damn time?” to, “Why the hell do I KEEP WATCHING THIS SHYT EVERY TIME I CLICK TO SEE WHAT PART OF THE MOVIE THEY’RE AT???

Because John Singleton wrote a genius and compelling story that moved you some way with every single scene.

So PLEASE, describe to me a faulty WRITTEN scene.  NOT ACTED SCENE [read: Jody excitedly chews food like cud].

OR JUST TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE BABY BOY SCENE!  Love that movie, and looking forward to the 79th viewing.

Come learn ’bout Guns and Butta:


2 thoughts on “After the 78th Viewing, I Finally Figured Out Why Every Time I Turn to the B.E.T. Channel, Baby Boy is Playing

    • You already know how I feel about the Rick Ross movement, so imagine my surprise when I turned on his new album, GFID, and the opening track, Pray for U, quotes the prayer from the Baby Boy. Found that interesting.

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