so…freakin’….busy…MORE CONTENT COMING!

Just WAIT until I get down there

The more I write, the more it seems I have to say.  This will be more interesting than I even thought!  I’ve never really been that outspoken about what I truly feel about a lot of things, and I think that’s mostly because I’ve never really come to any conclusions.  Call me a stalker of life, but it’s true.

Real life has changed that.

Since starting this blog, I’ve received free Bill Maher tickets, free tickets to Houston’s Funniest Person Contest 2012, free Coldplay tickets, met some cool people, strengthened my marriage, created some priceless memories, and I’ve already started to shift my worldview of what’s acceptable in this life.

I would say that’s a pretty good start.

There’s so much more to come.

Oddly enough, I do feel kinda like the horse in the meme.  As if my worldview has been limited to the room I was in.  The room I was raised in.  I knew people in the building, and I knew people went outside the building, but I never really understood HOW they got out of the building or even what that world even looked like.

I feel like I can at least peer out now, and the Internet is my window.  I can even see HOW some of them got outside their confines.  And I plan it to keep it pushin’, ’cause  I’ve got the world to gain and and only a little ego to lose.  And what’s a little ego?  Fuck it.

What’s Coming:

    • Covering whatever the hell I feel like talking about.  My past, how I believe I got here, music, architecture, motivation, goals, work, slavery, history, morals, marriage, family, parenthood, kids, friends, money, memories, public masks, synthesis, politics, religion, hypocrisy, spiders, dolphins, whatever.  It’s MY BLOG.
  2. VIDEOS!
    • Sometimes I fucking hate typing and find it easier to ramble into my webcam.  So boom – web videos are coming too.  I just have no idea how to really edit these som’bitches, so I’m still figuring that ish out.  I’m hoping to have the first video up by the first week of July 2012.
    • I’m beginning to notice similar themes that pop up in my writing, so I make these concepts into Pages for whatever reason.  I’m thinking many of the items on my pages will drive why I write about what I write about.  Get to know me through my pages since you have to understand context in order to truly understand the content – in anything.
    • Check my current pages: AboutMy Selfish Dream – Predictions
    • Everyone has a story and I’m interested in the human side of life – which is every side.  People that particularly interest me are the ones that are “doing” something – anything.  The ones that are challenging their self identity and what it means to be “uniquely them”.
    • I also lean towards learning what someone’s “Everyday Struggle” is, ’cause the odds are we ALL have them, but we don’t like to talk about it.  Can’t show chinks in the armor, right?  These interviews could be w/ absolutely anyone.
    • Lastly, I’ve been paying attention to people that are challenging social paradigms as well.  People that are always asking “why” do we think the way we do and “why” do we do something the way we do it?  These are probably the most fascinating of the bunch.  People w/ the audacity to believe in themselves enough to attempt social change.  Good Shyt.

So ride with me for a minute.  Or don’t.  Either way – ask questions and do you.

In the mean time, enjoy my pages, posts, and leave a comment or two.  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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