Ya Gotta Start Somewhere – Driicky Graham is Next

Driicky Graham – Hustlin’ for his generation

Found myself jammin’ to Snapbacks and Tattoos against my will about two months ago.  Made me look at my phone to see who the hell was coming through my Pandora.  Driicky Graham – never heard of him – but he had me singing along to a song I never heard before, so let’s see what he’s saying on Twitter.

Found him.  That’s when I see him promoting his new upcoming mixtape, Ya Gotta Start Somewhere.  Interesting.  He’s right.  I haven’t even decided if I’m going to listen, but he’s already right about something.  AND he’s promoting the ISH out of it.  Grinding.  Guess I have to listen to it now.

Glad I did.

He’s got that hustle mentality.  The kind that creates opportunities for a person and he seems smart enough to be able to recognize the opportunity when it comes knocking.  Good for him.  He’ll have it one day, and I hope he continues to make good decisions even when he gets there.

It also doesn’t hurt that his flow is nice.  He’s no idiot, and he’s clearly a student of his craft.

Is it a mixtape that I’m gonna keep in rotation for more than a month?  Probably not.  But that’s because it’s not necessarily made for me – I’m a grown ass man w/ a baby and a mortgage.  Doesn’t mean I can’t listen and still learn something tho.  Anyone who’s bold enough to speak up deserve someone that’s willing to listen to their point of view.

Keep doing your thing Driicky!  You’ve earned another fan.  Holla at me for that interview!

Actually, you’ve inspired me for a new section: Answer One Question.  Hopefully you’ll answer it one day, ’cause Ya Gotta Start Somewhere, right?  So I’m starting with you.

If you really understand what a grind is, then you know Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

Favorite Track:

Letter to My Son

Favorite Feature:

Coop on Tarzan [Coop is gonna be a problem as long as he keeps rhyming and doing his thing]

Download Ya Gotta Start Somewhere HERE

Follow: @driickygraham


Snapbacks and Tattoos:


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