This Has Been a Good Week – And It’s Just the Beginning

It’s the only life I have – why not?

I recently started doing.  Doing something.  Anything.  And this blog is one of the results.  I took a week off of my corporate gig to really invest that time in myself and in a relatively short amount of time, the payoffs have already been huge.  It’s sometimes frightening to think what could come about if I keep this pace up – and it’s exciting at the same time.  When’s the last time you were TRULY excited about something?  About your own life?

I want people to watch me not so that I become a celebrity [I hate the concept of potentially losing my privacy].  I want people to watch me so they can see what the process of success looks like.  Even if that process takes 20 years, I want everyone to see what a grind actually looks like.  We too often only get to see the final result and by that time, the person is so removed from our daily life that we can’t relate to them as a normal human being.

None of us are better than next.  People have yet to understand that it’s about the stamina.  It’s a marathon and the ones w/ stamina are going to be the ones at the finish line.

This week many seeds of thought have been spread and it only takes one of those seeds to flower to potentially change how we all see things.  The world will continue to progress – will you do the same along with it?

I’ve started running for myself.  What are you doing?  What’s going to be the R.O.I. on your time spent?

Let’s talk…This is My Life Experiment.


3 thoughts on “This Has Been a Good Week – And It’s Just the Beginning

  1. Well do da dayum thang!! Good for you for investing in YOU! How smart of these “other guys” to get us to be focused on “their” ROI….leaving little/no time for investing in our own! Take back yo’ LIFFFFFE! 🙂

    • You know it – very smart on their behalf. But it’s done now. They done messed up and gave me too much information. Can’t go back. None of us are going back. [Rick Ross voice] “Deez haters can’t hold me back!”

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