On My Playlist: Fun. – I’m Really Digging this Band

Like most of America, I’ve been jammin’ their overplayed single – We Are Young ft. Janelle Monàe.  I guess as long as the radio has to kill a song, let it be a good song.  And this is definitely a good song.  EVERYBODY likes the song. It makes the young feel justifiably selfish, and makes the not so young feel that way again for a few glorious minutes.

I bought their album, Some Nights and really liked it.  Some songs more than others, and others not so much, but that’s natural.  After listening a few times, I looked them up and found out that this album was inspired by Kanye West’s recent MBDTF album.  It made sense.

Some Nights is grand.  It’s provocative and vulnerable.  It’s purposeful and genuine.  Many of the same things I love about MBDTF.

And Fun. also has an undeniable Queen influence as well – makes for an interesting synthesis.

Enough talk – More music:

We Are Young ft. Janelle Monàe [Acoustic ’cause I know you’ve seen the other one]

Some Nights [One of my favorites from the album – how can you NOT be moved by this track?]

Why Am I The One [Another favorite]



3 thoughts on “On My Playlist: Fun. – I’m Really Digging this Band

  1. Great Piece as always man, after listening to the Some Nights track, the influences of MBDTF were clear. Track instantly reminded me of Lost in the World, probably still the most underrated track on that album. I will be checking out Fun and yes you did that.

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