Subscribe NOW – Preview of Upcoming Content!

I’ve been working on more than a few posts since there’s so much going on, so I wanted to give you a snapshot of things to come. If you’re into any of this stuff, then SUBSCRIBE and/or go like my Facebook Page at the bottom of this page. You’ll automatically receive my blog updates, but also be notified whenever I “Like” a photo of a hot web chick. Hey, there’s give and take with everything.

Coming UP:

  • Lesson From: Wale – New Hustler’s Prayer
  • Review: channel ORANGE – Frank Ocean [that Pink Matter????? WHAT?! #cray]
  • Dirty Thirties – Back at the Fork in the Road Again
  • Dream Playlist Inductee – Lost in the World – Kanye West
  • My first guest blog on! [go check her out – support people who are actually DOING something – grindin’]
  • New VLog! – Basketball Housewives vs. Michelle Obama
  • Interviews with other people who have started DOING something. Yep, grindin’.

SO SUBSCRIBE! Sign UP! Like a PAGE! Leave a comment! SHARE a post! TWEET a link! Kick a FROG! Do SOMETHING! Grind for me! FOR MEEEEE!


Follow me @isomKuade or just click at the bottom of the page (gotta love technology!)

Someone Tweet Rick Ross and tell him to holla at me. I’m gonna actually get enough followers to do that for me one day – watch me.

Oh, and if you’re REALLY that inspired to get to know ME better, then go meet my wife @ NotYourMomsGenes.

Let me know you’re excited about any of the upcoming topics! #talktome


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