Lesson From: Wale [MMG] – The New Hustler’s Blessing

I have a draft post titled Lesson From: MMG, but it’s gotten so long, that I’ve decided to turn it into a presentation.  You might be like, “really…a presentation?  Really?  On MMG…a WHOLE presentation?”  YES.  REALLY.  I think their movement is that important.  It reminds me of Tupac’s infamous quote:

Tupac’s words leave a legacy

I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.
― Tupac Shakur

No doubt Ross was influenced by ‘Pac.

And Ross finally made me hear and SEE what that spark will look like.

And I’m going to be a part of that change.  The next inevitable synthesis.

Just listen to Wale’s bridge on the track Power Circle.  Don’t even look at it as a verse.  These are a man’s written words:

[Bridge: Wale]
May the wind be at your back
May the bad be in your past
May the kids take all your good
And your wife have class
And you realize your goals
And what’s life without grind?
Those niggas, yo’ niggas?
Hope those niggas – Real as mine

WHAT?  WHAT???  Is that not what you want for yourself?  Is that not what you want for your people?  For your dogs, your other grinders, the people who supported you when you only had a dream?  If not, WHY NOT?  The more people who you genuinely support, will in turn support you when you start to actually do something worth supporting through your actions first.

I’m not religious, but I would bless anyone I truly liked, respected, and wanted the best for with those words – including my own son.

That’s why it’s my nomination for the New Hustler’s Blessing.  When two people see and recognize the other’s grind – you already know what to do [Upcoming VLog!].

ANYWAY…the actual verse:

[Verse 4: Wale]
There’s a difference between underrated and hasn’t made it
Once you successful they relentlessly giving you hatred
There’s no applause for ya, and success is hard for ya
There’s enemies, envy, with green my niggas — lawnmower
And I’m on tour, Jordan 4’s, Tom Ford
And I ain’t thugging, they clapping at me, an encore
Got a dark heart, bright mind, make women crazy
I give her D, I throw up two, I call that shit a safety
Shit is crazy when entertainment ain’t entertaining
And my inner sanctum need real estate I’m out my cabeza
Jealousy’s for the weak, you ain’t happy I made it?
I be feeling like brother Malcolm just out of the Nation
Allah got us cause if we hollered a lost numbers
I seen hustlers turn cluckers out niggas grandmothers
So shut the fuck up and listen, fuck all them stuck up musicians
My circle small but regardless, my circumference official
My clothes different like quarterbacks at a closed scrimmage
They gon’ blitz us but ain’t no way that they gon’ hit us
I’m so elusive, so my niggas be goin’ through it
Guess it’s a wrap when your co-defendant make soul music
Cash rule the world — at least it do with girls
At least it do with churches, seek the truth and true it hurts
If they real, then they real — my niggas deserve it
And we don’t deal with weak squares in this power circle
We don’t deal with weak squares in this power circle

Wale just dropped a generation’s worth of lessons on you if you can hear it.  Don’t listen to HOW he’s saying it, listen to WHAT he’s saying.
– Jealousy’s for the WEAK – you ain’t happy I made it???
– My circle small, but regardless my circumference OFFICIAL
– If they real, then they real — my niggas DESERVE IT
Don’t get it yet?  Don’t worry, I’ma teach ya.
MMG – Power Circle

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