When Your Mindset Truly Changes People Can See It Through Your Actions – Period

If you about that life, whatever it is, people can SEE that in you.

You’re a Christian?  Do you act like it?

Oh, you’re a good father?  Do you act like it?  

You don’t care about these bitches’ opinion?  Do you ACT like it?  

Oh, you’re the author of your own destiny, huh?  You can make a sorry rap track and make millions too, huh?  Do you ACT LIKE IT?

Do you even act like YOURSELF?

Have you grown into yourself over time, but have built a life around who you USED TO BE?  And now you’re so engrained in that life, you’re afraid of losing what you have today if you were to be your authentic self today.  There’s a name for that…


For some reason we need to prove ourselves.  We love to make young permanent decisions in very temporary situations and NOW you’re living with it.  Day in…day out.  Everyday.  Every sunrise.  Every sunset.  ‘Til when?  Who the hell knows, and that’s the part that sucks, because deep inside you KNOW you’re the only one that can change it., but you don’t know if you have the strength.  You do.


People SAY what they want, but you ARE what you truly BELIEVE.  Have a little faith…in yourself.

I deserve to be happy…IF I’m willing to go get it.  And it starts with being honest about who you are and who you are not.  You’ll never know what you need until you spend the time to get to know yourself.

Stop rationalizing why you aren’t happy, and why it’s ok to feel the way you do DAY AFTER DAY.  Be what you claim to be – for yourself.  No one else can do it.

If you truly believe in yourself – act like it.

Tell me something you’ve learned about yourself recently.  You’re growing every single day, but are you growing in the direction you want to?


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