This Trailer is Why I Was (am) Terrified of Having a Daughter Today: Please Watch

Most guys are afraid of having a daughter due to some variation of the following thought process:

“With a son, you only have to worry about one penis.  With a daughter, you have to worry about ALL of them.”

While that’s true, it’s not the main reason having a daughter terrifies me.  What terrifies me is that I won’t be a strong enough father to build up her self esteem enough to withstand the box that our media will try to put her in.  It has to be crazy growing up with those type of image pressures.  Not that men don’t have their own, but a woman’s struggle is very different and I’m not sure many men even try to realize how those pressures can manifest themselves in a woman’s psyche.

The crazy part about it is that it’s SO engrained that even the ones that DO realize it, STILL contribute to the problem.  Even other women contribute to it.  It’s all they know.  Judge other women based on how they look.  That’s just what you do, right?

Something’s gotta give…


2 thoughts on “This Trailer is Why I Was (am) Terrified of Having a Daughter Today: Please Watch

  1. Being a youngish girl (at 21 I still consider myself a girl), and I would consider myself a Daddy’s girl, I can say that it will be hard. It’s hard for girls to learn how to respect and love themselves when society says not to, but I think its incredible when it does happen. I’ve seen it go both ways with friends growing up, but those who had the support of both their parents always figured it out in the end. Teach them to think critically and they’ll be tearing mass media apart in no time, they’ll be educating their friends and every boy they meet who tries something.

    • Thx for your input. I’m not sure if I believe that just having the support of both parents will get more women to build that intrinsic value of self worth over the constant barrage of media, but I think it’s 100% the right starting point.

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