On My Playlist: Mumford and Sons – That White Soul Music

It’s often said that white people don’t have soul. As in soul music. I grew up thinking the same thing because that’s what I was taught. Boy were we mistaken.

Soul music comes from struggle and the attempt to either acknowledge that pain or to overcome that pain. Many times, it reflects both simultaneously.

Struggle and the daily fight to overcome it is a HUMAN ISSUE, not a black issue. Every culture has soul music, we’re just used to hearing it expressed in a way that’s familiar to us. So we only give the soul title to white people that sound like us – Jon B, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Michael McDonald (old school!), etc. Just because they don’t sound the way you’re used to doesn’t mean they don’t have soul.

Mumford and Sons make Soul Music. And I hear them. I first heard them opening for Bob Dylan [I’ll post on him later] during the 2011 Grammy’s. I had no idea who they were and had never heard a song from them. I’m not the biggest Bob Dylan fan either, so I really didn’t care who was opening for him. Seemed like a good opportunity to clean the kitchen before the next big performance comes on that I actually wanted to see. I mean I literally preferred to do some household chores rather than to listen to whatever was about to pop on my screen. I remember whoever they were, they started slowly – nothing special, so on to the kitchen I went.

I wasn’t cleaning very long before all of a sudden I heard someone yell, “OH!” followed by a lot of activity, stomping, and a crazy banjo coming from the screen. Someone was gettin’ it in! Had to IMMEDIATELY stop what I was doing to go take a damn look.

I saw 4 white boys on the screen playing their hearts out – and laughing while doing it. They were gettin’ it AND having a blast. I thought, “Who the hell are these white boys??! Aaaaaaand this track is kinda fire right now.”

[google – band opening for Bob Dylan Grammy 2011]

Mumford and Sons

It was a wrap after that. They’ve been on deck ever since.

Sigh No More = Beast

Enough writing, more music. I happen to enjoy watching/listening to their live performances, so here you go…enjoy. Tell me whatchu think!

Their new album – Babel is due out September 29th

Purchase Sigh No More

Little Lion Man (Acoustic)

White Blank Page (Acoustic)


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