My Blog Is 7 Weeks Old – This is What Has Happened So Far

[Listening to ASAP Rocky]

Since I started to do something different with my life other than build someone else’s dream, great things have already started to happen in under 2 months.  As of this post I have:

  • received over 1,000 views
  • been read in 47 countries
  • been asked to do my first guest blog post for ChocolateGringa [treated that mug like my first rap feature!]
  • created a Twitter account and was followed by Farrah Gray (I’ll post later why that’s significant to me)
  • been nominated by Black Weblogs Awards for Best New Blog AND Best Personal Blog
  • been asked to be a regular contributor to the Land Air Sea blog
  • inspired a few other friends to get off their ass and do something – ANYTHING
  • started to regain some semblance of control over my own life
  • realized how I want to spend the finite time I have on this Earth
  • become excited about living again


Make no mistake, this IS NOT EASY.

“Success is uncommon, therefore not to be enjoyed by the Common Man…”~Coach Cal Stoll

But I’m more determined now than ever before to make my life into what I want it to be.  There are too many resources to take advantage of.  Too many opportunities to optimize.  Too much money to grab.  Too much life to live.  Too many memories that haven’t happened yet.  Too many lessons to show my son.  Too many people to inspire.  Too many people to be inspired by.  Too much music to listen to.

But most importantly…

There are too many people who will never do anything about their own life that I’m destined to rise to top of the pack as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

And I’m RUNNING.  

Keep watching.  I have myopia, but my vision is so clear.  So as 2Chainz so eloquently put it…



COME GRIND WITH ME!  [all puns intended]

I wanna hear from you – how are you investing your time?


2 thoughts on “My Blog Is 7 Weeks Old – This is What Has Happened So Far

  1. Congrats Homey!! Glad that this blogging thing is going well for you and become the release you need to feel normal. Its a beautiful thing! Keep it up….

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