Obama Slams Romney in Ad, But It’s Just Not Necessary

Obama’s newest ad, while potentially effective, is unnecessary and misleading.

I’m just tired of these either/or ads.  Yes, Romney is a douche, we know that.  I agree that if his message is inconsistent, we should point it out.  If he’s just spouting off crap to get elected (which I believe he is), then that is what should be the focus of the ads.

What I don’t agree with in this spot is the correlation that having offshore accounts, or outsourcing, or utilizing other foreign resources is somehow un-American.  I don’t agree that those are things Romney needs to apologize for, nor things we as Americans should hold against him.

Now obviously many Americans don’t feel the same way, which is why I believe Romney won’t release his tax records (and why McCain couldn’t choose him for VP in 2008), but I just don’t think it’s relevant to his ability to potentially lead the country.

BUT!  If Romney also perceives these actions, accounts, and other foreign resources as less than American, then yes, he needs to be held accountable for not living up to his own standards.


2 thoughts on “Obama Slams Romney in Ad, But It’s Just Not Necessary

  1. It says a lot about Romney’s character and what he would do as president if he holds numerous offshore accounts and is a strong believer in outsourcing. How will someone who outsources jobs actually stimulate the American economy and reduce the unemployment rate? Sending our jobs to India does nothing for Americans, and if he wants to be elected president, he HAS to explain that. It is an excellent tactic by the Obama administration to paint Romney as anti-American in his business dealings.

    • Offshoring jobs does do something for Americans. The question is, which ones? Many of the goods you purchase would not be affordable if not for offshoring. A term used alone is usually never inherently bad or good by itself. It’s how it’s being used.

      We polarize for simplicity.

      Bad =
      Foreign Investment

      This is a double edged sword since we as a country use many of these tools to benefit a large portion of the country.

      The conversation should be, you shouldn’t call all these things bad, then hold yourself in a special category to be able to directly benefit from these things.

      I agree that Romney does have a lot of explaining to do, but one of those conversations doesn’t have to be one upholding his patriotism.

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