My Thoughts By Request: Dark Knight Rises

Bruce Wayne is forced to face his life’s choices in Dark Knight Rises

[request by Patrick Bello]

I’ve always been a fan of film.  Turns out I’m a fan of most forms of self-expression, but movies are special to me.  They represent a vision come to life.  Words, scenery, emotion, humanity, our stories, our fantasies, triumphs, hopes, failures, and much more all conceived, visualized, acted, and executed for our entertainment.  I believe great film making is nothing short of an art form.

Dark Knight Rises is film making at its finest.  The director, Christopher Nolan is proving to be one of our generation’s finest and will definitely be remembered for leaving his imprint on the industry.

I’m not going to recap the story or the other previous two films in this franchise, because you should’ve already seen those bad boys if you’re reading this, but I will say it all comes together here.  Every decision and every relationship thus far comes to a head in this film.  Just like real life – go figure.  And that’s what makes this film so special.  It’s the sheer humanity of it.  To have it walk the line between superhero fantasy and yet still be so humanly relatable is an accomplishment within itself.  You’re watching an oxymoron on the screen of a fantasy world drenched in realism.

Bane is a pure beast.  Damn near a force of nature.  He’s the most dangerous of foes – an intelligent force with a purpose and nothing to lose.  His belief that he’s acting on behalf of the powerless and on behalf of society at large fuels him and his agenda like nothing we’ve seen yet on the screen.  Whereas previous villains may have thought the same of their actions, they still had some shred of vanity that needed to be fed.  This is not true of Bane, and he’s all the more dangerous for it.

Halle’s Catwoman is STILL hard to look to at. And that’s something you don’t hear often about Ms. Berry.

After I saw Halle Berry’s Catwoman, I never wanted to see another Catwoman ever.  Ever.   Unless the catwoman was dressed up in costume with missing drawls and waiting in my bedroom, I never wanted that image in my head again.  To be fair to Halle, it’s not as if she wrote her character in that film, but you get the point.  Anne Hathaway’s version is 100% redemption for the character though.  Once again, it comes down to the humanism of the character.  Had to give her a quick mention out of respect for the turnaround.

I also loved how socially relevant the film is.  In between all the action and personal suffering, it also deals with concepts such as:

  • the growth of modern technology faster than our ability to use it responsibly
  • veils of societal controls, power, and influence
  • actual unrealized power of the people
  • terrorism in its most acute form [domestic]
  • class warfare
  • and many more….all crammed into one freakin’ movie

And all the while, you don’t feel like a spectator in the theater.  You almost feel as if you have something personally at stake.  It’s that engrossing.  I find it amazing how different a vision can be around the same material.  Just watch the two trailers below to get an example of how far we’ve come from the first debacle of Batman and Robin – and yes, George Clooney should STILL be ashamed for accepting the role.

Batman and Robin Trailer

Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Crazy, huh?

Basically, this is a beast of a film and sure to be the blueprint for many films to come, superhero or otherwise.  Hats off to Christopher Nolan.

Keeping it 100, I can’t finish this write-up w/out mentioning the tragedy in Aurora.  I can’t say that there weren’t a few times during the movie that I didn’t glance over my shoulder to make sure there were no overzealous Bane or Joker impersonators in attendance.  I can’t imagine the fear those people went through.  The helplessness they must have felt.  The pain the families and victims are still going through today and will have to live with.  I won’t mention the gunman’s name, but like the film, he’s the most dangerous of foes – a deluded person with a purpose and a belief that he’s acting on behalf of the good of society at large.  Fuck him.


8 thoughts on “My Thoughts By Request: Dark Knight Rises

  1. The one thing I really liked about bane was he was actually political, he’s speech outside the jail had me pumped out..Like yeah maybe he’s really not that evil and wants the people to be free..LOL…Nolan brings the best of the Villains and other characters but this ends up little screen time for all works out in the end. though…

    • Yessirr. These characters aren’t one dimensional. Their philosophies aren’t bad, but their methods are less than ideal. Same goes for the original Joker in this franchise.

  2. The only thing that was good about batman and robin was the soundtrack, Bone thugs, i do not remember anything from the movie..

  3. LOL @ the bone thugs and harmony comment, movie trailers have come a long way. Anyone notice that Bane’s voice in the trailer is not quite as digitally altered as the actual movie. Struggled with that underwater drowning sound. Movie is still growing on me, I will have to watch it again because i did not get a very strong first impression. I had too many questions but i am going to chuck that up to the fact that i am not a true fan and don’t know enough about the characters from the comics..

    • You’re also the king of Don’t Like Any Movies tho! I’m not a fan of the comics either [never owned one book], but I dig the relatable nature of the film.

      Wifey LOVED Bane’s voice.

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