Six Year Old Pundit – THIS is Why We Can’t Discuss Politics and Religion

Intolerance is a taught behavior that starts at a very young age.  Generally it’s taught by people that intend to give their children some sort of upper hand at life by teaching them what’s wrong or stupid about everyone else’s stance that differs from theirs.  Almost all parents are guilty of some form of this.

The problem is that most people (and thus most parents) are idiots.  Sorry.  That’s how I feel about it.  We don’t even realize the damage we’re inflicting.

The impact of childhood psychological impact can’t be understated in my opinion.  When the people that care for you and tend to all of your needs tell you something is true, you have little choice but to believe them.  Children of a certain age haven’t been taught critical thinking skills yet.  If you tell them the sky is blue because ancient flying monkeys with paint brushes painted it that color eons ago, THEY’RE GOING TO TO BELIEVE YOU.

Here’s our most recent example that’s making the rounds:

This can’t be argued away.  It can’t be reasoned with.  It can’t be shown a Power Point presentation.  It’s brainwashing.  They either have to learn understanding and/or truth from their parents, or they have to grow up and learn for themselves one day.  Or they can grow up and remain willfully ignorant, which happens more than I would like to admit, but they’ve built entire organizations off that demographic [Fox News].

The children must be forgiven, for it’s obviously not their fault, but the parents and willfully ignorant adults are another story.  I’m not even sure where to start when someone refuses to learn more.  Any of this look familiar?

Be careful what you teach your children – they grow up to become voters.

Any of you had to fight (or still fighting) childhood brainwashing once you became an adult?


4 thoughts on “Six Year Old Pundit – THIS is Why We Can’t Discuss Politics and Religion

  1. The truly unfortunate thing about this is that many parents are well-aware of what they are doing to their children. The parents are hateful and breed their children to be hateful and it continues a vicious cycle. Like you said, it’s brainwashing that cannot be undone, because these children look to their parents first as foremost authorities on everything, and no amount of reasoning or factual evidence will ever convince them that their view is wrong.

    • Thanks for commenting.

      My ultimate fear is that most of these parents actually do not believe what they’re doing is hateful. They rather believe they’re doing something for the greater good of a nation, which is much scarier in my opinion.

      Many black parents don’t intentionally breed homophobic kids out of hate, but rather out of a desire to do divine good and what they believe is best for a future generation.

      The hateful act born of a true intention to do good, is a truly terrifying concept.

      • I agree. It’s scarier when people think that they are doing something for the greater good. It goes back to brainwashing on a much larger scale, using religion and/or politics to control the minds of people. As you pointed out about black parents and homophobia, much of that stems from the black church preaching homophobia to its congregations, while simultaneously ignoring the other preachings of the bible. It’s an infusion of the preacher’s personal beliefs with religious teachings to influence people to act hatefully towards others who are different in the name of “preserving the greater good” or “doing God’s will.”

        How do you counteract centuries of brainwashing based on something as fundamental to people as their religious beliefs?

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