It’s the Gift and the Curse – Trying to Get People to SEE Your Vision

It’s crazy when things just finally click. When things really start to make sense. When you can now at least see how systems work together to build this thing in front of you that you call life. And now that you understand it – you know how to manipulate it to your advantage.

I hear some people call it having a vision.

Others call it something else entirely and aren’t new by any means no matter what you call it. It’s about figuring out where we are and how did we get here, than understanding our current state by recognizing how the past has brought to this point. All the influences. All the progress. All the expectations and hope. All the people who are responsible in some way for the person you are today.

THEN thinking about how your today is going to influence tomorrow. Because it will. It has to. That’s how time and progress work. But what will tomorrow look like? Specifically?

If I keep doing what I’m doing today, how is tomorrow going to look?

That’s how you attempt to recognize the synthesis.

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change. – Darwin

I can see the synthesis. I believe I see what’s coming next for many of us. Not in all things of course – I’m not Miss Cleo – but in certain areas of life that I’ve been exposed to.

If you would like to call it a ‘vision’, so be it. That doesn’t matter. What matters is HOW CLEAR that vision is. I see all the necessary pieces sitting out there – and now I know how to start shifting those pieces to build the picture I want it look like.

And to me – its beautiful. Even only in my own head – I can clearly see it. And I can’t wait ’til its complete. It’s a wonderful gift, and I feel fortunate every time I get to go to that place in my own mind.

I’m so happy about it, that I want to share the picture I have in my head with the others around me. With my fellas, my peoples, whoever has an open ear and mind.

Aaaaaaaaand therein lies the curse. I can’t simply click the ‘share’ button on ’em. I have to describe its beauty, its simplicity, its complexity, its nuances, and get them to understand its influences by giving them the context of it all. It’s a task every time.

And some times I fail in verbally painting the masterpiece in my mind.

That’s frustrating. It’s frustrating that I can’t simply click the ‘share’ button on what I see in my own head. The success, the map, the path, the influence, the progress, the steps, the people, the opportunities, the self-worth, the hunger, the swag, the synthesis. It’s hard to put into mere words. And I find myself beating myself up for it. Because I couldn’t effectively get them to see the picture in my head.

But I’m going to keep trying. Post by post. Conversation by conversation. Come watch me try to break through. Because I believe there are so many of us that need to see it. Then they can reject it if they want to – up to them. But at least give them the chance to see it.

This is the something like the holocaust /
Millions of our people LOST!
-Kanye West [Who Gon’ Stop Me]

What else you gonna watch?  CSI?


4 thoughts on “It’s the Gift and the Curse – Trying to Get People to SEE Your Vision

  1. Great post! Precisely why I am of the thought that you can’t (and probably shouldn’t) attempt to share your vision with most. For many reasons…but to keep creating it & as it begins to take shape & be recognizable to others eyes…only THEN were they ready to see & understand and you properly able to articulate it. Sometimes with no verbal explanation necessary.

    • Agreed. Some see the process take shape and come ask about your ‘secret’ in the mean time tho. If they’re willing to listen, I’m willing to try to paint my picture.

      Some will see. Less will Do. Many more will do neither. Just the law of large numbers I suppose.

  2. Each person has their own unique vision and it’s hard for anyone to fully understand someone else’s. Dissapointment sets in when the expression on the listener’s face, doesn’t match the joy and elation you feel about YOUR vision…because it’s YOURS! No one knows the complete journey and sacrifices made for a project or vision, so we can’t expect them to feel the same way we do. All we can do is serve as an example to others that they can accomplish their dreams too!

    • 100% agreed. I guess the primary point of my disappointment lies in the fact that my vision involves how everyone can truly be a success for themselves. It’s hard to see ppl struggle so hard for a life they’re not even excited about. At least struggle for what you truly want.

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