Lessons From: Caine’s Arcade – It Only Takes One Fan to Change Your Life

It’s funny.

I’m working on a number of projects right now, and straight it’s whoopin’ my ass from an energy standpoint, but that’s just what I gotta do.  I told myself that I was going to keep these projects totally separate until the day that it was necessary to bring them together.

Work hard at what you choose to fill your time doing, be vulnerable by showing your work to as many people that would see it, tune out the people that don’t get it, and wait for the person that does.

I gotta bring them together today.

My boy, Dhemil Brown, put me on to this story while discussing our other project.  Was so moved I knew I had to post it here as well.

Whatever your grind, remember it only takes one fan to see your hard work to change everything.

WATCH Caine’s Arcade

What do you think?  What the hell are you doing?  When’s the last time you were proud at work?

Talk to me!


3 thoughts on “Lessons From: Caine’s Arcade – It Only Takes One Fan to Change Your Life

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  2. This is absolutely beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Bravo to the father for not only allowing his kid to build his arcade at his place of business, but for encouraging him to. Bravo to Cain. I was near tears at the end during the cut scene where he said he was proud. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • Yo – video is SO SINCERE. So much to learn from the experience. Yeah, loved how you could see the pride in him. Just good stuff. One day, I want you and I to be those people that can instill that pride by recognizing the greatness in the next generation. Sometimes they just need someone to ‘see’ them.

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