I Think I’m Having a Moment of Serenity

I had another mentally troubling day at work where it was IMPOSSIBLE to be productive.  I sat staring at spreadsheets and reading contracts until my eyes started crossing about every 10 seconds.  Then I would stop breathing.  Tighter and tighter.  Like contractions.  Another 10 seconds…

These are the moments I’m running from.

Drive through traffic, come home to smiling 10 month old laughing baby boy, and a wife that’s already made dinner.  She kisses lil’ man and goes off to her Body Pump class.  She tells me it’s an exercise class.  I’ll take it.  She’s become quite the fit body lately.  Read about her here.

I play with my son and laugh with him until it’s time to change him, wash him, brush his teeth, feed him, and put him down.

Now I sit here with a Weeknd / Frank Ocean mix playing pretty loudly over my home surround system.  I let the dog out.  You can hear the music outside in the fairly quiet suburban and primarily Asian neighborhood.

I light a smoke.  I take a sip on my Hornsby.  I like that shit.

I sit back down in the middle of the noise – Pilot Jones – open the MacBook, and begin writing this post.

Tomorrow, I’ll choose to work from home, because HuffPost Live contacted me to do a segment around your passion.  Pretty sweet.

Pretty sweet night.

I think I’m actually having a moment of serenity.  For these moments writing this piece, and listening to this music, with my son soundly and safely asleep, and my wife out taking the advantage to better herself and her body…I feel accomplished.  Content.

I need other people to be able to feel the same way.  And I need to feel like this much more often than I do.

I hope I can save some, because tomorrow always comes.


4 thoughts on “I Think I’m Having a Moment of Serenity

  1. Serenity: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference- Reinhold Niebuhr.
    It’s a beautiful feeling of clarity. There are so many experiences that can give us clarity. We are inspired and influenced by taking the time see our serene experiences. It lightens our everyday burdens and enlightens what “will” become. Serenity provides the seed that allows life to take a form at your will because you can see it and it’s your vision! (Strange but True)

    -What did you do today? -1life

    • I remember that I used to CONSTANTLY recite this prayer to myself. It’s quite possibly the most concise and insightful take on perspective I’ve ever read. But like you said, one has to take the time in first place. Gonna earmark this for the subject of another post. Thx man.

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