New Video: Bitch Bad – Lupe Fiasco

This post was inspired by the conversation on Pillow Talk on FBRN, hosted by the talented, Candi Spoon.

Lupe being Lupe continues to push conversation forward with the attempt to serve as the context for much of over the top braggadocios culture in the face of global economic uncertainty.  Although Lupe and Kanye are common collaborators, it’s fascinating that Lupe still aims to serve as the cultural yin to Kanye’s yang.  Same medium, similar goals of shaping conversation to empower, two totally different methodologies.


Bitch Bad – Lupe Fiasco

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “New Video: Bitch Bad – Lupe Fiasco

  1. ‘Clever deception’ indeed. The perfect song coming out of Sunday’s pillow talk. Psychological mind games continued to get played…all the while the people are being played. What’s missing here is the element you alluded to when you called in on the show is PARENTAL GUIDANCE. If these cultural influences in music, etc served to spark a conversation between parents and children as their minds are formed of what is appropriate and not, more young adults could grow & learn to separate entertainment that may be plain ignorant from feeling they should emulate said ignorance because it appears to be cool.

    I would love to see you do a blog comparing Lupe’s method of messaging to Kanye’s and which is more effective and why.

  2. I am still struggling with the “B” word and since our recent discussion on The Pillow Talk, I have been concentrating on limiting my use of the word, even in jest. The fact of the matter is that it’s a derogatory word and is in no sense used to uplift or compliment anyone. Yes, this includes Kanye’s infamous “compliment” of Kim K. being the “perfect bitch”. It starts with individual accountability. And I am taking personal responsibility for the words that come out of my mouth and vowing to be more conscious of the words I allow to enter my ears.

    • I still believe the ultimate meaning lies in both its intent and its acceptance (or not). You’ve made it clear that it’s not acceptable to you and that’s fine and makes a ton of sense given the word’s history. What is hard for me to do is to dictate to someone else how they’re supposed to use language in their own personal context. Words, like so many things, are constantly evolving – gay, tell, artificial, brave, nice, etc. all had very different meanings in the english language at one point.

      Much like Oprah and Jay Z disagree on the use of the word ‘nigga’. We derive different meanings depending on our vanish point. Not sure if it’s a matter of right/wrong. But hey, we’re all evolving.

      Did you watch the vid? Interesting take on the concept.

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