On My Playlist: Hip Hop – DJ Khaled ft. Scarface and Nas

From DJ Khaled’s new album, Kiss the Ring, which is pretty good.  I don’t even like Khaled that much (the personality anyway), but I can’t knock the hustle.

I remember living in FL around 2005, and being on South Beach before Khaled was Khaled.  A dark SUV was driving down Ocean Dr. and handing CD’s to anyone that would take one.  They were DJ Khaled mix tapes, and I bumped mine all the way back to Tampa – hating all the ad-libs, but finding myself really jammin’ the tracks.

He’s come a long way since then.

This track really floored me when it came on in the whip the other day.  Hip Hop can’t be dead with modern day poets like these men still laying down verses.


Hip Hop


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