New Rapper Lil Mouse Guaranteed to Spark Controversy

I was simply listening to Lil Wayne’s new mixtape released today, Dedication 4, and HERE WE GO.  Track 8 – Get Smoked Remix featuring…

Lil Mouse. 

This 13 yr old rapper from Chicago is bound to make waves.  As of this post, you know everything about him that I do.  There’s so little information out there, that even Google didn’t have  a decent head shot of this cat available yet.  There will probably be one tomorrow though.

We are what we’ve been taught combined with the environment we were bred in.  Throw in some genetics, and boom – you have an individual.

There are now multiple generations that have been raised with hip hop as a major influence in their lives.  For some, it’s been their only father figure.  And since everything works on a bell curve, we were bound to end up with a character such as Lil Mouse.  For every Astro, we risk a Lil Mouse.  For every Kanye, there’s a Lil Boosie.

Without further delay, I present Lil Mouse:

Get Smoked

The point is that by giving him a place on Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated mixtape, this gives the youngin’ the exposure he needs to have a much broader audience tune in to his music.  Wayne has given him the co-sign he needs that could catapult him to superstardom.  Mr. Mouse could easily make an entire career out of this persona, which would only reinforce that what he did to get put on is what he needs to be doing more of.

Screenshot as of 9/3/2012. Expect his followers to skyrocket soon enough.

The question he raises is at what age does this subject matter become acceptable for a kid to recite?  If he was 18 this would not be an issue, so should we tell him he can’t rap until then?  If you disagree with the music and/or the artist, what’s the solution?  Do we simply tune out?  Is he free to make whatever music he sees fit?  Is that protected free speech?

Personally, I don’t care for the track, but it wasn’t made for me, so it’s of little relevance.

More than the potential disturbing nature of Lil Mouse’s music is the inclusion of it on Dedication 4.  Wayne is smart enough to know what kind of potential impact that will have for the lil man’s career, so I can’t help but to question whether that was the smartest move to make.

I can’t really blame the kid for mimicking behaviors and a violent culture that is glorified all around him.  I can however, question the good sense of the adults who gave that kid a larger platform .

It only takes one fan

Alright, let’s open it up…….What do YOU think of Lil Mouse?


2 thoughts on “New Rapper Lil Mouse Guaranteed to Spark Controversy

  1. *sigh* Where do I begin? This breaks my heart and makes me sad. But… the truth is there are responsible adults that SHOULD have and COULD have seen something wrong with this & not allow this foolishness or ignorance to be uttered from such a young man’s mouth. BUT… the OTHER truth is that this MIGHT be his reality. And a lot of other kids realities. How many times to we hear about hustlers recruiting the young cats in the ‘hood to run drugs for them? Start them young. Their minds are malleable. They have not authority telling them they shouldn’t. Matter fact they are LOOKING for someone to look up to…something to believe in.

    Another level on which this makes me sad is he is likely to manifest his destiny and get smoked. Probably before he turns 18 or even 21 and is of legal age to do any of the things he’s rapping about.

    This is propaganda. Perpetuated to continue the sad cycle of ignorance and violence and continuing to dumb down and kill off our black men. It’s been going on.. and here in visual form is one of the newest messages to let you know…heck yea, it’s gonna continue. And the greed of whoever signed the release to let this young man do this (if there was even a release) overrode any type of sense to say “No. This is wrong. He won’t be involved.” It’s probable that his parent(s) are kids themselves. Looking up to rappers like Lil Wayne to get “put on”… Lil Wayne who started in the game around this same age is simply continuing the cycle of all he knows.. and honestly probably sees nothing wrong with it.

    I could go on.. but I won’t! My first thought was a lyric from the late great Whitney Houston “I believe the children are our future. TEACH them WELL and let them LEAD the way.” Whatever he’s being taught will sadly lead him to the grave with this little rap video being his “greatest accomplishment”. His homies can po’ out a lil liquor.

    • Where do you begin is right. So this is going to become an emerging issue, because due to the distribution capabilities of the internet we no longer need traditional models for widespread exposure. This means that individuals, especially the youth that have grown up accustomed to these technologies, will be able to gain exposure and notoriety without ever needing an adult to put them on. It’s going to happen regardless as they utilize their current resources to build their own followings. SHORTLY thereafter, once they’ve branded themselves to the point of catching the attention of a major player, the industry has to make a decision to either a) not feed into this propaganda and ignorance by ignoring him and letting that potential market/money walk or b) realize that he’s gonna build a following anyway, so might as well position ourselves to be the ones to make some dollars off this cat – cause even if we don’t…someone WILL.

      Either way, this is a story to watch. Cause I guarantee there’s a nation of other 13 yr olds watching as well.

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