My Dream Fleet – A Beast of a Garage

This post was inspired by post – Cars That Inspire.  Go check her beast of a list.

My brother and I always used to play this game where we had to choose one of each type of vehicle to put in our dream garage, so I figured I would indulge a little with you fine folks.  This list is only good as the date it was published since my tastes could easily shift.

I also like to pick vehicles that I would actually spend my money on if I was actually stuntin’ like that.  Keeps me from just choosing the most exotic or expensive thing I could think of or Google up.


Porsche Cayenne (Custom)

This thing is a monster.  Plus I love the presence.  You see that grill in your rearview, and you immediately know you have an official Problem on your ass.  And there’s still room for my son to play in the in backseat.  Win/win.


Mercedes CL 65 AMG

This is the classy joint.  Pure benz.  It’s also ignorantly long to simply be a coupe.  So #unnecessary.


Audi R8

I like Audi’s steelo.  They’re classy and a head turner at the same time.  And if you’ve ever heard that engine in person, this one is a no brainer.  Also, if you’ve never experienced driving around in a convertible with the crisp night air blowing over you, on a scenic road, and with your favorite Kanye West track bumpin’ at full blast………………..well, I suggest you put it on your bucket list.


Porsche Panamera (Custom)

C’mon son.  Pure beastly.  That’s how I wanna drop my son off at school – then go get some groceries – then go stunt on my haters…in that order.


Walz Hardcore Custom Chopper

I used to have a thing for the crotchrocket, and while they still have a special place in my heart, I’ve reserved a special lustful portion of my desires for the chopper.  Look at that bad boy.  I love the modern design interpretation on an American classic.  Please….just please….get the hell up outta my way.

Everyday Toy

Jeep Wrangler (Custom)

I’ve always had a thing for the classic 4×4 Wrangler.  You can go ANYWHERE in this monster.  Business meeting – check.  Movie theatre – check.  Off road picnic – check.  Charity black tie – check.  Beach day – check.  Unapologetically bumpin’ 2Chainz at each one.

What do you think?  What’s your garage look like?


12 thoughts on “My Dream Fleet – A Beast of a Garage

  1. ! Love your list!!! I can see you in all of them except the chopper. U would have to grow your Rick Ross beard for that! Ok so heres my list. You took my everydayer and SUV.
    SEDAN: BMW 6 series 4door coupe
    CONV: 1960 Lincoln (think Entourage)
    BIKE: Harley Davidson VRod

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