Verse of the Day: CyHi Da Prynce – “Sin City”

If you’ve been paying attention at all to my blog, you already know I’m a HUGE fan of music and hip-hop specifically.  Especially recently now that there’s been a resurgence in creativity, inspiration, talent, and new leadership in the genre.

Every now and then a verse just really excites me – as a good verse should – so I’m inclined to share those written words with my readers.

CyHi Da Prynce gets his time to shine on G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer

“Sin City”
Cruel Summer

Huh, bad bitches with ass shots
Use a house as a stash spot
Lexus coupe with the rag-top
I’m in the loop, warm tie like a ascot
I used to run with the have-nots
Kept the ave hot just so we could have knots
A lot of niggaz see they dreams in a glass pot
Until the judge throw you in that box and watch your ass rot
We broke all the commandments
Authentic, I’m hand-stitched
Come spend a day in my Hamlet
My city lost, some say it’s Atlantis
I went to Cannes with a tan bitch, Francis
She rode the broom on the beach, that’s a sand witch
So I ate her like it, haters hate to like it
Sex, drugs, and playin’ dices, those are our favorite vices
But this life’ll take a toll on ya
Well I guess you gotta pay the prices
I know who Christ is
And he never hung with the Saints it makes no sense to save the righteous
By the age ten, we were caged in
Now they raise men in the state pen
Fake friends, forgive ’em for they sins
God bless the city, amen


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