4 Commercials I Really Love and 1 My Wife Hates

I always used to think, “If I could choose my own corporate job, what would it be?  If I had to be a corporate slave, what would I do?”  I always came back to one thing:

Creative Advertising Executive

I love to see how a company/brand chooses to represent themselves to the public.  They have to cram so much of themselves into such a small space.  It’s an infinitely impossible job, and I love to tear down those that get it completely wrong or build up those that nail it.

So with that, here are some current ads that have caught my attention:


Old Spice – Muscle Music

Love this whole campaign.  And they keep imagining ways to reinvent the message without it getting boring – yet.  This shit is HILARIOUS to me.

Lady Gaga – Fame

By FAR the hardest commercial to make has to be cologne/perfume commercials.  Obviously, because you CAN’T SMELL IT – yet.  So how do you visually represent a fragrance without it being cliché or just flat out cheesy?  Then you have to imprint a specific identity onto it to separate it from the rest of the pack.  Damn near impossible.

Only two three commercials I know of have done this masterfully – Dior J’adore ft. Charlize Theron, Strangé ft. Grace Jones (shout out to Boomerang – It Stinks So Good), and Lady Gaga’s Fame.

Geico – Two Tickets to Paradise

This is just hilarious to me.  The total disregard to the needs of the client had me dying.  AND the agent is REALLY singing too.  I mean REALLY singing.  Whoever that cat is, I wanna buy him lunch.  Woe Oooo OOOOO…

Budweiser – Makers of Tomorrow feat. Jay Z

This was a powerful ad to me, because this is EXACTLY how I feel about our current moment in history.  People are connecting to each other in ways like never before.  Art, music, social media are all making it possible for like-minded individuals not only to express themselves, but more importantly…find each other.  We’re witnessing the epitome of a cultural Synthesis.  This is an impact that is going to have a global impact and bring about change like we’ve never witnessed in history.  The world of tomorrow will be shaped from the ground up.  And short of WWIII or some other catastrophic event, there’s nothing the current powers that be can do about it.

1 My Wife Hates

Kellogs Crunch Nut Cereal – Crunch Nut Fights Boring Breakfast

My wife screams “Racist!” every single time this commercial comes on.  I can see why she says it, but it’s just hilarious to me.  Especially since the 2nd installment of the series has an equally unattractive white woman proclaiming the deliciousness of said Crunch Nut.  “Delicious!”

What do you think?  Any other commercials out there you feeling or hating?  Any thoughts on the ones listed here?  Say something, dammit!  [smiley face]


4 thoughts on “4 Commercials I Really Love and 1 My Wife Hates

  1. I really can not stand Charlize Theron’s J’adore commercials. I don’t know what it is about them, but they annoy the f*ck out of me.

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