Comments Like This Are Why I Started Writing – Motivation from One of My Readers

I received this comment the other day from one of my readers on my post Do I Have the Stamina to Reach My Goals?  I’m Already So Damn Tired.  

What I feel at this moment is that you reached deep into my mind and extracted my thoughts and feelings. Or perhaps we are just connected on a level that is far deeper than we know, that we share these same thoughts about life, about the daily grind. At this very moment, you are my motivation to continue on despite that overwhelming desire to concede. I have often found myself at the brink of quitting, feeling helpless in pursuit of my dreams. It is disparaging to continually be “forced to spend [energy] on something that gives me little in the way of return on investment.” And with the daily stress of the financial shackles that bind us to that corporate purgatory, I find myself not complacent, but despondent. I want to continue to fight for what I want, what I believe, and mentally, I am ready for the challenge, but physically and spiritually, I am beyond exhausted. And yet, despite similar challenges, you press on. And then, you motivate me. – Eric @ YBE Magazine

I’m grateful for this young man’s honesty.  In fact, that’s one of the things I’m trying to encourage more of – honesty with yourself.  This is especially true with black men (topic of another upcoming post).

I write here about both my successes and my struggles.  My exhaustion as well as my excitement.  My intellectual curiosities and my love for ig’nant ass whips.  I want to selfishly ball out Niggas in Paris style and help save an entire generation at the same time.

I am all of these things.  

We are all more than one thing.  We can be both strong and vulnerable, but we have to first acknowledge what lies inside of us in the first place.  Denial is getting us nowhere.  Just ask your local Catholic Priest.

If it’s in you…IT’S IN YOU.

We need to stop being afraid of being so vulnerable.  It’s actually the only way any of us are going to save ourselves – from ourselves.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s ok.  That’s perfectly fine.  I’m not writing for you.  I’m writing for readers like him.

Thanks for motivating me to keep going, sir.

You can catch Eric’s efforts over @ and soon to be featured here on as well.


4 thoughts on “Comments Like This Are Why I Started Writing – Motivation from One of My Readers

  1. I thank you for the mention and opportunity to be a contributor. You know, your post and our exchanges show that we do not operate in isolation and therefore cannot succeed just on our own. We are all connected and depend on each other to make it. We encourage each other because succeeding together elevates us all.

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