“Why Clef?” Wyclef Publishes the 2012 Sexy Feel Good Photo to Celebrate His Birthday

Wyclef Jean shows us how Haitian oils only work on the top half of your body

Why Clef?  Why?

So to celebrate how good Wyclef felt on his 43rd birthday, he tweeted out this lovely self portrait of himself on his Ducati.

Nowwwwwwww, let’s get a few things out of the way:

  • Does he look good for 43?  Sure
  • Will anything I have to say ever affect Wyclef?  Never…and it shouldn’t.
  • Does he live a life that I’m pursuing in my own way?  Yeah, sure.
  • Is he STILL one of hip-hop’s reigning ambassadors?  Of course he is.

With that being said……………



Oiled the hell up only on your top half doe?  Like you FORGOT to do the bottom half?  HELL NO you didn’t FORGET the bottom half!  You CAN’T forget half your body when you oil up?  Can you forget half your body when you lotion up?  NO!  You can’t.  It’s not possible.  Unless in the middle of lotioning (yes, lotioning) yo’ body, you get voluntarily raped.  THEN, it’s 100% excusable.  EVEN THEN DOE – if you don’t go to sleep afterwards, YOU WILL FINISH APPLYING LOTION TO YO ASHY BODY.

This ish is crazy.

THEN…the next obvious question is WHO TOOK THE PHOTO?  It couldn’t have been a loved one, cuz all of our loved ones woulda said something.  Anything.  “Like really doe?  On the bike?  No trousers?  Okay….ummmm.  I guess it is your birthday.  Hold up, you not gonna finish up with that oil?  Oh, you awlready finished doe?  Ummmmm……you know what….I can’t even do this, mang.  I’m gonna go finish my sammich.  You can call one of them ratchet chicks we picked up from last night to wake dey ass up and come snap this shot, pimpin’.  I’m a grown ass man, dog.”

Wyclef LIT UP twitter yesterday with this one.  I’m a relatively new twitter user, but am becoming more and more fascinated with this new medium of human communication (more posts to follow on this subject as well).

Funniest response had to come from Charlamagne Tha God:

Please text “Yele” to 501501 to get this pic removed from The Internet. @wyclef

But for real – Happy Born Day to Mr. Jean.  If he’s comfortable with the exposure, more power to him.  He’s a grown ass man and can do whatever the hell he wanna do with his bike, in his drawls, on his property, with his oils, all over twitter.

What y’all think about Big Sexy?


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