New Videos: The Weeknd – Rolling Stone and Wicked Games

The Weeknd is one of the most exciting artists to come out in a long time, and is set to be one music’s biggest upcoming stars.

The Weeknd.  One of my best examples of synthesis at play.  Along with Frank Ocean, they’re both redefining a genre track by track, mixtape by mixtape, and soon album by album.

The Weeknd recently released two new videos in preparation for his debut release album, The Trilogy, which will feature selected tracks from his three mixtapes released during 2011 that propelled him to fame faster than anyone in recent memory.

His commitment to brutal honesty, his embracing of all aspects of human nature, his dedication to storytelling and symbolism, his fearlessness, and his passion for his craft all make his music and progression an exciting story to watch and hear.

He released this statement via twitter (@theweekndxo) simultaneously with the release of the video for one of my favorite tracks, “Rolling Stone.”:

Rolling Stone

He also recently released a video for another huge fan favorite, “Wicked Games”:

Wicked Games

What do you think?  Are you already a fan of his music?  What’s your favorite Weeknd track to date?


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