Congratulations: Debut Event

I like to highlight and give props when they’re due.  I encourage anyone and everyone to grow the areas of their life that make them happy and fruitful.

So Congratulations to on hosting their first official event in Houston, TX.

Houston mothers out for’s first event where participants learned the fun and fitness benefits of pole dancing. was founded by my wife, Amber, as an organization designed to get mothers back in touch with everything that makes them a woman—a person.  They organize events throughout the year designed around varying themes in order to expose mothers to different things they may not have experienced otherwise.

Although admittedly biased, I think the group is a great idea.  We all need time to invest back into ourselves, our own well-being, and our own growth.  Exposure to different things/activities is critical to better understanding yourself . How are you supposed to know if you’re the greatest guitar player that ever lived if you’ve never had the opportunity to hold a guitar?

Motherhood is rewarding, sure.  But it’s still DAMN hard if you’re doing it right.  Kids require a lot and that’s the understatement of the year.  It’s easy to lose yourself in your obligations. is hoping to grow and get mothers of all different backgrounds to come participate in one of their events and by doing so, help mothers retain or gain all the things that made them a great person even before they were a great mother.

From the initial stories I’ve heard, the first event was a great success.  This event was centered around Fun Fitness and had a group of mothers taking a pole exercise class.  Yes, you read that right—a pole exercise class.

Hey, no arguments here.

Friends, wine, music, laughter……and a pole.  No.Arguements.Here.

Amber plans on holding her next event during the first quarter of 2013.  She’s currently holding a survey to see what kind of events her participants would like to experience next.

Whatever the event, I’m sure Amber will find a way to keep it lively and fun.

Congrats again!


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