Bridgette’s (Mental) Workout Plan

That’s it!  I’ve decided to pick up my whistle and become a mental trainer and coach. 

 So many people spend thousands of dollars to LOOK good.  Personal trainers, gym memberships, plastic surgery – you name it, the quest to be or at least appear physically fit is all the rage.  But why-come these same folks don’t invest the same amount of time and money on the very thing that determines whether or not they can achieve that level of fitness – the mind?  Why doesn’t anyone want to THINK good too?

 If Kanye can have a workout plan (see video here)  , then bygolly, so can I!  6 pack abs – CHECK!  Tight booty you can bounce a quarter off of – * look back at it * – CHECK!  In full disclosure, while I have not actually achieved these items on the checklist of the fit body (ha!), I do my best to make sure the one body part that is necessary to get this plan poppin’ is in CHECK – my mind. 

In order to achieve ANYthing – optimal physical health included – it is imperative that the mind and what you feed the mind is in proper order.  If your mental consumption is junk, you will be weighed down with love handles of unhealthy “life fat” that can and will slow you down and eventually kill you. 

What are you feeding your mental self?  What do you spend your time reading?  What delectable sounds do you indulge your ears with on the regular?  What images tantalize your visual taste buds?  Are you sure to surround yourself with others who encourage and inspire you to be at your best mentally?  Or does your regular mental nourishment consist of an appetizer of negativity; a main course in complacency rounded out with a dessert of apathy that leave you unfulfilled? 

The best part about the mind (and the body) is the ability to alter it with daily choices.  It is very forgiving!  Once you recognize that you have not been living in the best place mentally for you – YOU have the power to change direction – TODAY.  Once you do this, an entire fantastic, “life fat”-free world that is uniquely yours to live lies before you.  You owe it to yourself to pay attention to your mental health. 

 So back to this mental trainer/coach thing I’m doing.  I consider myself something like a mind-digger.  I have always been fascinated with why people do what they do.  It intrigues me when I meet a person who I can clearly see has so much ability naturally to be one way yet they are another.  Or want to be in a certain place but can’t seem to get out of their on way in order to be ON their way.  And even those who have NO idea what they need to do, so they do nothing. 

 I find myself compelled to “dig”, inquire and encourage these people to get moving and shed the “life fat” that is covering up the beautiful mind that is full of amazing dreams, ideas and plans that this world desperately needs.  I challenge you to do your own mind-digging.  Assess where your mental health is at this moment.  Do you need to cut back on some things that you are consuming?  Is the outer manifestation of your life what you want it to be?  If not, it’s time to make a plan!  Enlist the help of those who are mentally where you’d like to be.  If you need help on the journey, I can help.  Let’s talk about it!  I’ll be hanging out in this Mental Health section whenever you are ready.  Feel free to leave me a comment or message me privately. 

Free you mind – free yourself.  FIND YOU.  DO YOU.  AND BE AWESOME.  It starts in your head!


4 thoughts on “Bridgette’s (Mental) Workout Plan

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  2. Lol… You should know better! I loved it! It’s dead on. I think it’s very positive! I’ve been think myself the intake of food can directly effect your mental and emotional being! Excellent read

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