Introducing a New Segment and Author: FRESHperspective by B.Fresh

I’m very excited to introduce my first blog expansion project: FRESHperspective by Bridgette Simmonds a.k.a. B.Fresh.

FRESHperspective by B.Fresh – Redefining what it means to put someone in the hot seat. Reach out to her if you could use some common sense in your life.

Having a son, I realize that best thing I could ever do for him is to be a good example.  Mental health issues are very much still something of a stigma in the black community.  Many of us feel that to ask for a professional peek into our psyches is a sign of weakness.  Most black men, given our history in this nation, have been taught to simply endure.  We’ve been expected to be emotional mules carrying the weight of a people on our shoulders – never to complain.

That mentality is literally killing us.  Many times by our own hands.

I want to show my son there’s no shame is asking someone to help brace you up when you start to slip.  But you have to first acknowledge that you’re actually slipping.

That was the inspiration behind the FRESHperspective segment.  I want B.Fresh to utilize her skill/passion of helping people be their best selves to bring an outside perspective  to my musings as well as the masses that choose to reach out to her.

Every now and then we all need a FRESHperspective.


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