ASK WHY: Why Do Women Need A New Outfit for Every Event?

This is a serious question.  Why is it necessary to get a new dress, shirt, accessory, or otherwise every time there is some big get together or event amongst other women?

I honestly don’t get it.

Lemme know!  Help me understand!


7 thoughts on “ASK WHY: Why Do Women Need A New Outfit for Every Event?

  1. yes, yes they do. we are having engagement photos on sunday. we have 3 outfits each for a 1 hour photo session, and we’ve gone shopping like 6 times other than that.

  2. Just in case someone that will be seeing us at the special event has already seen us in the clothes we already have!! lol

    Is that a woman thing? My mom made me that way, always buying me a new dress for Easter, or a banquet or church. Think of it like the first day of school when we were younger…lol. New clothes always make an impression!

  3. For the same reason men can remember every detail of a first car. It grounds us to our life. But if it is any consolation, as time goes on women tend to buy better quality clothes that they’re not as interested in replacing as often because they represent who they are more than passing fad.

    • Having a new outfit for every single event grounds you to your life?

      Still struggling with that one.

      I do, however, remember many details of my first car, and luckily it costs me the same amount of money every single time I recall those memories.

      • I struggle with it, too. It’s the trivial in me that still wants to be what women are so deeply ingrained with–to be beautiful. Good point your memory is free about your car–unless you have a car, cause my prom dress memory is free too. (smiley face here)

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