Something’s Gotta Change in 2013

Let's just get to it

Let’s just get to it

So it’s December, and I haven’t posted anything in while.  Looks like the site getting blocked drove a nice wedge in my workflow.

It was bound to happen, right?

Along with all the other projects going on, it’s been difficult to focus in one direction or the other.  Which activities are worth a person’s free time?

I know the blog is gonna get its proper attention.  I’m really anticipating some decent growth on this front soon.

That brings us to the real time killer…the J.O.B.

I’ll write a little more about my job in an upcoming post, but I’ve come to realize that I can no longer serve in my current job role.  I just can’t do the ish anymore.  It’s difficult to be a willing participant in a day-to-day regimen that I can’t stand.  It’s even more difficult when I realize how much time I waste in a process that uses so much of my time, my energy, my stress.  Why keep doing that shit?

I know there are plenty without employment, and I don’t wanna trivialize their hardships.  I am no doubt lucky to have the job I have and I’ll cover that topic as well coming in my 100th post.

What I know today, is that the day-to-day role I play and wake up to must be different after 2013.

I’m either going to make a strong case for another role at the organization that much better suits me and helps actual people, but is highly unlikely since HR told me they’ve never heard of a person going from my role into the new desired one – ever.


Find a new opportunity through my upcoming 100th Post Challenge.


With money I have saved, consider taking a year off.  In another country.  And figuring it out from there.  Which could then wipe out my savings.  Fuck it.  I’m considering it.  Like I said, honesty is the key here, and I’m thinking about that shit.

This time of ours isn’t guaranteed.  Embrace your mortality.  Live before you die.

#sidenote: I’m being extra bougie with that Bach and Chopin in the background as I write.  BOOM!  2Chainz is queued up next tho.

Watch this great TED Talk that help kick me in the ass.  SPREAD IDEAS.

What did you think?  What do you need to change in your life?  Am I just crazy?  Like the TED Talk?  Talk to me!

And would always appreciate a SHARE to keep the conversation going.


One thought on “Something’s Gotta Change in 2013

  1. Don’t leave your job until you are certain, and have then “slept on” certain, that you would rather ‘die’ than ‘stay,’ and you’re willing to take the wife and kids with you. There’s such great beauty in the world — it can take your breath away… But so can man’s inhumanity to man, and death… And at least, save “doubly” for a year before you take a year “off.” ‘Cause unless you’ve got “Mitt Money,” you probably don’t have as much as you think you’ll need. And just as old “friends” may dislike you when you’re doing well, they like you even less when it appears you may need to borrow money…

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