Juelz Santana Comes Correct on New Mixtape God Will’n

If I’ve made a mistake, I’m the kinda cat that will admit it.  So let me be the first to admit, I wrote off Juelz Santana way too soon.

Being new to Instagram, I decided to follow artists and celebs that I thought would be interesting to see snapshots of their lives.  I’m perpetually fascinated with the way different people live.

So among Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, and Rihanna, I was also following Juelz Santana for some reason.  Actually, I think he was in the club with Meek Mill one time or some shit, and I started following him too.  Regardless, pics of Juelz’s life starting popping up in my feed, and I started seeing a lot of #godwilln hashtags, Juelz-in-the-studio-shots, and blunts.  To be fair, it wasn’t much different from other artists that I follow, but for one reason or another, I wrote off his mixtape and his feed…”unfollow”.

“Ain’t nobody checkin’ for Juelz right now,” I said.

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