My Brother’s Bucket List

My brother, Chango, is a fool–and I love him for it.

He’s the only one who truly understands what it was like being raised as the son of David, our father.

Chango makes for a fascinating character study. He’s like the leaf at the beginning and end of Forrest Gump. He just kinda lets the wind take him where it wants to. He’s all about putting up as little friction as possible, and reveling in the notion that things just kind of work themselves out. He would be a perfect black hippie if he were born decades earlier.

Him and I have been discussing my transition from being a passive participant in life to active player. Seems some of our conversations have sparked a new-found desire to ground himself in something, and it’s been exciting to watch.

The other night he surprised me when he sent me a text telling me to check my email. I was surprised to see that my brother, master of the life floatation device, had actually sent me a bucket list.

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