My 4 Professional Options for 2013


I’ve already stated that Something’s Gotta Change in 2013.  There’s really not a way I can keep doing my daily routine and maintain my sanity.  Professionally speaking, I see 4 viable options to choose from:

1. Stay at my company and get a totally different position

There are a few positions in my current organization that would cater better to my strengths and genuine interests.  I believe I would be better of an asset to the organization in one of these alternative roles.  There are a few issues if I go this route:

  • My boss wants me in my current role.  In fact, he wants everyone who is doing well in their current job to STAY in their current job.  Our turnover has been higher than average because of this.  I’ve seen quite a number of talented individuals walk out of our doors because they felt professionally stagnant.
  • Our company has not had a person go from my current role, to the role I desire.  It’s quite a shift in disciplines, but I think it makes sense.  I would also like to use my transition as an example to other employees to show how these changes can actually be accomplished.  I believe the corporation will need to rethink the way they attract and retain talent in order to compete for the top talent of tomorrow.  They need to start sooner rather than later.
  • The job would most likely be in another city.  I’m not averse to moving.  In fact, I’ve spent my entire 10 yr. career moving from city to city in the Southeast U.S.  Houston to Dallas, to Houston, to Tampa, to Atlanta and back to Houston.  I’m always open to a new market for the right opportunity.  But I’m at a stage in my life and in my relationships where I can get quite a few things done here in the city.  And since everything is based on relationships, it makes sense for me to take advantage of the connects I have locally.  Outside of perhaps Atlanta, it would be much more difficult to get the type of connections I have in Houston–and that’s worth something.

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It’s Time Black Men Start Discussing Mental Health


Written by: Andrew W.

The recent murder suicide of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher has caused me to take notice of the need for people to see men in a new light.

Men and women think that men are supposed to always be strong and show very little emotion. In a relationship women have a tendency to think of a man as less than a man if he admits his fears of being able to properly provide for his family or any fears that he may have that would cause his woman to want to leave him.

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My Life is in a Spiral

My current mental state
My current mental state

I find myself bucking the rules I’ve grown up on.  And with each new push of the mental envelope, I find myself in new territory.  A new mental space.  The larger this space becomes, the more difficult it is for me to operate within the confines that I’ve grown up accustomed to.  It’s suffocating.

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Let Go and Live Free

The past is for learning from, not living in.

When I was originally inspired by this post, I thought of a number of things that I needed to let go of: friendships, relationships, familial bonds, thoughts, emotions, memories – pretty much anything that continued to weigh me down as I continued on my path forward. While that still is true, the re-blogged post about whiteness and beauty made me think of other things that people need to let go of: traditions and beliefs.

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2012 in Review –’s Top 10 Posts of the Year

2012 has been an interesting year to say the least.  This is the year I decided to take back control of how my life unfolds.  Having the control and realizing you have the control are two different things.  I expect a lot of changes in 2013.

I started this site in mid-2012 to document my journey and hold myself accountable to myself and my written word.  It has been a journey.  The site is about honesty, self-discovery, pushing boundaries, redefining normal, and the search to fulfill your personal potential.  So here are the top posts that helped define the site’s voice in 2012.

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Fascinating to hear this from outside of the black community. Especially being half asian.

Mabel Kwong

I used to be one of those people who honestly thought and held the perception that white-skinned Caucasians were the ultimate epitome of beauty.

That is, when I was living in South East Asia, I genuinely regarded Caucasians and people with fair skin and blue eyes as physically attractive, thinking “whiteness” was what you needed in order to be beautiful inside out.

Whenever it was blazingly hot and sunny outside in Malaysia or Singapore and I wanted to go out, my mum would incessantly nag at me to stay in the shade or else I would “get all black” and ugly. I always naively obliged thinking she was Mrs. Know It All.

I would also always gawk in admiration at Caucasians who strolled around here as the thought “oh wow, they are so beautiful” whirled around in my head.

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Music Traffic Therapy – 12 Song Playlist to Keep Myself Sane During Traffic Every Single Day

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