Music Traffic Therapy – 12 Song Playlist to Keep Myself Sane During Traffic Every Single Day

I go phases of music the same way I go through food cravings. I might stick with Meek Mill for a solid 2 months while picking up a bag of spicy chicharrones every time I stopped at the gas station. … Continue reading

Subscribe NOW – Preview of Upcoming Content!

I’ve been working on more than a few posts since there’s so much going on, so I wanted to give you a snapshot of things to come. If you’re into any of this stuff, then SUBSCRIBE and/or go like my … Continue reading

Lessons From: Frank Ocean – My Current Theme Song – American Wedding [ending]

channel ORANGE drops today [CAN’T WAIT TO LISTEN], and if I know Frank Ocean’s music, I’ll have a new theme song by the end of the week.  But for now, this is my theme song of the moment.  If this … Continue reading