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I’ve been working on more than a few posts since there’s so much going on, so I wanted to give you a snapshot of things to come. If you’re into any of this stuff, then SUBSCRIBE and/or go like my … Continue reading


It just won’t stop.  I couldn’t keep these thoughts from coming if I tried to.  It’s all coming.  Everything. It’s so funny that when you finally SEE it, you wonder why others don’t.  It’s SO CLEAR. You’re now in a … Continue reading

How a Cliché Becomes a Cliché and Why Kids Don’t Listen to That Crap

I saw General Colin Powell on The Daily Show the other night and he was discussing a message he likes to emphasize w/ kids. Nowww…I don’t actually remember what that piece of crucial advice actually was (which is kinda the … Continue reading

Recognizing the Synthesis – One of the Many Ways I View the World

Like most people, many of the things that interest me share common themes and are therefore repetitive. So instead of trying to explain where I’m coming from post after post, I’ve just decided to add some of these key posts … Continue reading