Congratulations: Ben and Tamara Floyd

In continuation of my congratulatory series, I wanted to pen this one for a couple grinding their way to bigger and better things every single day.

Shop the Aisle Blogger Style @ Walmart – Tamara Floyd

Congrats for Tamara Floyd for partnering with Shop the Aisle Blogger Style and Walmart and hosting two separate events both in Houston and Dallas, TX this weekend.  Tamara Floyd is the founder of the very popular NaturalHairRules!!! blog.  If you’re apart of or thinking of starting down the path of natural hair, then you probably already know the blog, BUT if the off chance you don’t….it’s the spot you want to be.

Fox 26 Tech Contributor – Benjamin Floyd

Catch Benjamin Floyd, founder of Socially Saavy! media company, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening in Houston on Fox26 talking all things tech for the consumer and business owner alike.

Tamara’s other half, Ben Floyd is no slouch either.  Had to send the huge congrats to Ben after landing a regular tech contributor role over at our local Fox 26.  Ben also runs the media agency he founded, Socially Saavy!.

Socially Saavy! is focused on helping people and businesses prepare for the social media revolution that’s already on their doorstep.  Being a full service media agency, they also regularly deal in brand identity, public relation, and digital advertising.

So once again…congratulations to two friends of mine making moves, creating opportunities, and positioning themselves for long-term success both for them and their son.



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