4 Commercials I Really Love and 1 My Wife Hates

I always used to think, “If I could choose my own corporate job, what would it be?  If I had to be a corporate slave, what would I do?”  I always came back to one thing: Creative Advertising Executive I … Continue reading

Lessons From: The Real Mitt Romney As He Loses an Undecided Voter Over 47% Comment

Oh, Mitt Romney.  As one correspondent put it – he’s the man who was born on third base, but thinks he actually hit a triple. And he’s running for President of the United States of America…which is well within his … Continue reading

Great post from Jay Caniel. Recognize. Nurture. Watch them flourish.

Jun E Caniel's Blog

As I look into the eyes of our youth, I see hope, I see people who want to be great. I have discover that no 0ne really wants to be mediocre. I have observed adults that go through the motion and kids act as if they do not care. I realize everyone cares if they are given a reason. Most people are just living, waiting to hear approval from someone close to them. We have to instead teach people to live for themselves and make decisions that will make them happy! Only then will we start to move towards greatness or our Jun E! People are like houses, just waiting to be built up, waiting to find that someone who takes the time to build the foundation. They are waiting for hope, love, discipline, and leaders. The leader is within them, but undiscovered. Shame on us if we don’t find…

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Your Brain and the Elite Brain – The Missing Link

This is our first official hosted guest post from the great mind, Nikolai, over at Cerebral Musings.  I’m lucky to be able to host his musings here @ isomKuadeJournal.com, and grateful that he would lend us his voice.  He has … Continue reading