Music and Backyard Talk – 3 Tracks that the Fellas Had to Share With Each Other

Infamous table with yours truly and Marcus kickin’ it in the backyard. Many a great conversation has been had on this patio.

My crib has been kind of notorious for good backyard conversations.  It doesn’t take much for the fellas to get a couple of drinks, sit around the outdoor table, and talk a bunch of shit.

The GOOD thing is that usually our shit talking turns into some version of a cathartic conversation that ends up benefitting all involved.  Last night was no exception.

While our wives were out participating the debut event, three of us were able to get together, go outside, and pull up a chair for the evening.

As usual we did our fair share of clowning, but this quickly gave way to how each of us felt about our current life circumstances, where we see ourselves heading in the near and far future, and how does that future correlate to the larger future of the black community as a whole.

This conversation eventually led to music, which is huge in all of our lives to varying degrees, so we can usually use a song, artist, or verse as a reference for whatever point we’re trying to make at the time.

What was different about this night, is we all agreed to listen to a track selected by the other in its entirety.  We agreed to be silent, pay attention, and try to understand why the chooser of the track would want us to understand WHY they chose that track in the first place.

No clowning of the choice, the artist, the genre, any potential ensuing emotional reprecussions  or whatever else.  Just music, silence, and a search for understanding.

I may have been about 3 cocktails and 3 shots in by this time with Larry. It’s my house, so I only had to stumble to bedroom. #win

So without further delay, here are the tracks that were chosen based on the conversations we were having:

Larry – “The One”: Kanye West and Crew

Marcus – “Momma Loves Me”: Jay Z

Me – “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test January 1967: John Mayer

What do you think of the tracks?  Wanna be a part of the conversation?  Music speak similarly to you?  Holla at me!


4 thoughts on “Music and Backyard Talk – 3 Tracks that the Fellas Had to Share With Each Other

  1. Isomkuade very entertaining post big homie, I think it’s interesting how each track matched the individual. It was almost like we got a snapshot of each one’s state of mind at the time.Had me thinking what would my song have been probably “J.Cole – Killers”…track literally changed my tolerance level for young black men getting caught up in the system, i certainly needed a track like that to undo some of the damage done by countless episodes of First48…yes that stuff be having your boy extra paranoid smh sad but true..

    • Great to have you back commenting, son! And thx for well thought out comment. It was exactly a snapshot. That’s what I love about music, man! I don’t even think I’ve heard that track yet. And I call myself a music person….smh. Gonna go listen to it NOW. If you not up on that Kendrick Lamar, you need to go ahead and do that too.

  2. When I was reading your post, that Mayer song crossed my mind but I didn’t think that you would pick it. I’m interested to hear what the fellas thought about it. The first time I heard it I had it on repeat for about two days! My song would be Violin by Amos Lee. That’s the song I wake up too every morning. It’s not the most chipper song but it truly speaks to me. No homo!

    • Maybe I can do a follow up post around what people thought of the other’s tracks. That “Violin” is a BEAST. Make me wanna go listen to it right NOW.

      “Lately IIII…..I been headin’ for a breakdown….”

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